Demographics - Haiti buildings mapping

Mapped 1.6 million buildings using a team of trained mappers and old-fashioned eyeballs, when free data sources based mostly from imperfect algorithms showed only around half of this number.

Energy - Haiti rural electrification masterplan

Health Care Facilities will have additional energy requirements- by identifying which health care facilities are geographically located in comparison to existing grid networks or microgrids, the VIA platform can rapidly identify where priority facilities are to focus energy funding ranked by highest loading. VIA can make recommendations as to grid extension to the site vs offgrid power solutions based on speed of deployment of either technology, as well as cost.

Estimate power requirements based on number of beds required from loading analysis from planners can be undertaken based on lighting, ICU equipment, vaccine cold storage & others.

Health - Haiti health centre power system strengthening during coronavirus

VIA undertook analysis to understand where offgrid population densities are to justify suitable locations recommending where geographical placement of a PURE (Productive Uses of Renewable Energy) installation should be, to be most viable- using metrics in the algorithm such as distances for households to travel, minimum number of households and other metrics required to make a PURE installation financially viable. This provided an automated way for non-technical stakeholders to understand vast & complex numbers simply and visually.

The PURE analysis has been repurposed as a prototype proposal as a rapid response analysis service in determining the loading of households/population on each known Health Care Facility. This gives insight as to potential risks and bottle necks in the health care system of potentially under-capacity Health Care facilities in the face of a potential COVID-19 pandemic in country to rapidly assist decision makers in their efforts to prioritise assistances where it is needed.

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